Meet the founder

To the Celeste that was silent about her suffering and anyone who may feel that way today.
You are enough, your emotions are valid and vulnerability is not weakness.
Self-harm, struggling with mental health, and abusive relationships are things I know too well but wish I didn't. The road to a better self is long and takes work but it is so worth it, learn to love yourself, learn to uplift others don't let the bad moments turn you bitter.
I want to make this a place where you feel empowered and confident w on the shop and the social causes I'll be partnering with throughout the year.

"Be the change you want to see" 
Each of the organizations highlighted are ones I truly believe in and wish I had known of sooner. I believe it is important for women to support each other.
There has always been beauty in giving back to community & that's why Azul Celeste gives back 10% of each sale to an organization that focuses on improving community. 
It is a dream and an honor to get to share this journey with you all!
- Celeste 🤍